You're Smart, What About Your Questions?
12 Sep 2019
Have you ever heard of SMART goals? SMART is a way to create goals and tasks that allow for work distribution and measured success in teams of people. The reason I ask is because while I have no doubt you...
Getting help
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Is JavaScript the Language, or just the Words?
31 Aug 2019
JavaScript in my eyes is has a huge potential for the future of most traditional applications. JavaScript has blossomed since my days of using AJAX and simple built-in functions to meekly display some active content. I believe it has achieved...
Web apps
Platform convergence
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Can Computers Predict My Future?
23 Aug 2018
Unless you’re a fan of Einsteinian determinism, you probably believe like me that computers unequivocally cannot predict the future. I contend though that computer have always been my future. Dialup and Windows 98 was my first taste of the digital...
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Make Some Raspberry Hole Punch!
29 Jan 2018
In a penetration test or security audit of a network, a Raspberry Pi can be planted within the network to act as a man inside. By using a third party server across the internet, we can abuse the fact that...
Raspberry Pi
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